Embossed Background Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro
My first tutorial

1. Open image you want embossed.

2. Make a new copy of the image to work with. (that way you don't have to work with the original)


3. Go to image, click other, then emboss.

4. Add a new layer to the image.

5. Flood fill the new layer with your color or texture. (you might want to choose a color that is a little darker than the results you want. The final image will be much lighter)

6. Right click on your filled layer in the layer pallete and select properties.

7. Click the drop down list beside Blend Mode and choose screen. (you can play around with the blend modes and see what else you can come up with also)

8. Click ok when you have the blend mode you like.

9. Resize your image. (I resized mine about 75%)

10. Use the image as a tiled background.

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